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PATHS subject leaders: Mrs O'Brien and Miss Heaton

Because we care so much about our children’s health and wellbeing, we put lots of actions into place to ensure their thoughts, feelings and general wellbeing is a firm focus and priority in school, every single day. We are a part of The Paths Programme here at Merton Bank seeing all staff delivering and embracing the programmes ethos and goal.


PATHS improves: Self-esteem, self-control, emotional intelligence, classroom behaviour, conflict resolution and academic engagements.

PATHS reduces: Aggressive behaviour, emotional distress and conduct problems. 



The PATHS® Programme for Schools (UK Version) is a programme for educators and counsellors designed to facilitate the development of self-control, emotional awareness and interpersonal problem-solving skills. The programme consists of a variety of lessons, and additional materials and charts for use with primary school children. The purposes of the PATHS® programme are to enhance the social competence and social understanding of children, as well as to facilitate educational processes in the classroom. The PATHS® Programme for Schools (UK Version) has been adapted for a UK audience by Barnardo’s NI. 

The PATHS Programme for schools empowers all children to develop fundamental social and emotional learning skills which will enable them to make positive choices throughout their life. We feel that implementing this programme improves outcomes for children in school and allows them to know that:
‘all feelings are OK but the way we react is sometimes not OK’

Within the PATHS curriculum, it focuses on 4 different areas: Emotional understanding, self-control, social problem solving and peer relations and self-esteem

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Quotes from our children about our PATHS programme.

The Forest area makes me feel pretty good as I like being outside.

PATHS helps me to know how to react to my feelings in a sensible way.

We get given bagels everyday because school cares that we have had breakfast.

We do Pupil of the day which is good, and we can give and take compliments which makes us happy.

If you have a real problem you can tell a teacher straight away.

PATHS Model School Celebration Day

For the past few years, we have been collecting evidence which demonstrates that we are a PATHS model school.
Being a PATHS model schools means that PATHS strategies, values and lessons need to be embedded into our daily life here at Merton Bank.
We are happy to announce that earlier in 2023 we where awarded the PATHS Model School status and finally got our award earlier this year.