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Welcome to Year Six

Caring          Respect          Empathy          Courage          Resilience

Our Year 6 Team

Teachers  Mrs Weatherby and Miss Heaton


 Year Six is a welcoming and nurturing classroom where lots of enriched learning takes place, developing independent children for their final year at Merton Bank and their transition into high school. We aim for all lessons to be interactive, enjoyable and with an aspect of challenge to build determination and resilience. Year Six pupils are given responsibilities and are expected to demonstrate leaderships skills and qualities by leading by example at Merton Bank. With support from teachers, family and friends, the children will be given ample opportunity to develop their own initiative to support themselves and their peers. Children are supported to grow a love of learning by identifying their interests and bring these into practise when taking on new challenges and developing new understanding. Mental health and well-being are a high priority in Year Six, ensuring the children are relaxed and prepared throughout the year. We aim to support the children however we can, encouraging the development of their own mental health and well-being by exploring what allows them to remain calm and collected. Ultimately, we aim for the children to be happy, healthy, and ready to tackle new and exciting opportunities.

Our school day

Doors open 8:45am, registration closes at 8.55am.  Your child must be in school by 8.55am.

The school day ends at 3:15pm

Your child will enter and leave school via the Roper Street Gate entrance.

Safeguarding is high priority at Merton Bank so please understand we may need to check if someone else is picking your child up.  Please always inform the office if someone new is collecting.  Thank you for your understanding with this.

Important things to remember for a successful year ahead:

You may wish to provide a healthy snack for your child to eat at 10:30am playtime. Lunch will be at 12:20pm.

Each child can have their own water bottle on their desk, please provide these with their name on.

PE This term (Summer 1) we have PE every Tuesday – please ensure that your child attends school on these days in their PE kit.  On these days children must wear the following PE uniform: white polo shirt/ t-shirt, black shorts and trainers/pumps. We expect high standards of PE kits, please contact one of the team if you require any support.


Key Stage 2 Tests

 The statutory key stage 2 tests (SATs) are timetabled from Monday 13th May to Thursday 16th May 2024.

Monday 13th May 2024  -  English Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Papers 1 and 2

Tuesday 14th May 2024  -  English Reading

Wednesday 15th May 2024  -  Mathematics Papers 1 and 2 

Thursday 16th May 2024  -  Mathematics Paper 3

Autumn Term Learning:

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Spring Term Learning: 

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Take a look at some of the exciting learning in Year 6 during Autumn Term 2023


Remembrance Day Writing

 This term we supported this year's Poppy Appeal. We sold poppies and other items in school and explored the significance of Remembrance Day.

We evaluated different poems that had already been written about Remembrance Day before using similar features to draft and write our own.
For a closer look at some of our poems, please scroll to the poem list below.

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WW2 Inspired Art

This term, one of our key curriculum focuses was WW2, which we explored in writing, history and art. We explored different artists and shared our likes and dislikes of their work before experimenting with different colours and mediums to create a WW2 silhouette piece of art. 


Life Skills - St Helen's Chamber

We have been lucky enough to start our St Helens Chamber sessions and it is something we are looking forward to as we move through Y6!
The St Helens Chamber will be visiting is throughout the year to support us in learning about different career paths and opportunities available. In our first session, we explored different career opportunities, what qualifications may be needed for each career and explored skills and qualities needed for each role. 

Take a look at some of the exciting learning in Year 6 during Spring Term 2024


Lancashire Cricket Sessions

This term, we have been taking part in weekly cricket sessions ran by Jonathon from Lancashire Cricket. We've practiced developing  our batting and bowling skills, learning the correct technique for each. We've developed our catching skills to ensure that we can make good fielders and play in any position needed. Teamwork has been a key element of the sessions, where we have worked together in different groups each week.


Pie Corbett - Teaching Live Sessions

 Each week we've been lucky enough to complete a weekly writing lesson (with follow up activities) featuring and delivered by Pie Corbett (literacy expert, poet and author). Each sessions improves grammar and punctuation through the use of blogging technology to share and magpie ideas. We then get the opportunity to send and publish our final pieces online.


Life Skills - St Helen's Chamber continued

This term, our chamber sessions was focused on money. Knowing how and what to budget for, things that are 'essential' and things that are a 'want'. We also discussed how to save and made decisions about items and life choices we would like to save for in the Monopoly inspired game 'Life-opoly'.

Take a look at some of the exciting learning in Year 6 during Summer Term 2024










 Fair Trade

In Geography this term, Year 6 are exploring Fair Trade and how trade initially started, with a focus on China and the Silk Road. As well as exploring the origin of Trade, Year 6 have been exploring where different commodities have come from and whether or not the trade that has/is happening can be considered as fair. 






Throughout the Summer term, we are focusing on developing our understanding of notation, especially when playing instrumental parts of a song.
We are practising to read music to enable us to play, whilst also being able to check if what has been played sounds similar to the demonstration piece. In Year 6, we are focusing on reading musical notes, to ensure we play longer pieces of music correctly.