Merton Bank Primary School

'Never less than our best'

School Roper Street, St. Helens, Merseyside, WA9 1EJ


Our Merton Bank Curriculum

Caring          Respect          Empathy          Courage          Resilience

Merton Bank Primary School Statement of Curriculum Intent


At Merton Bank Primary School, our vision is ‘never less than our best.’ Through our curriculum we give our children the opportunities to live our vision. We develop confidence, skills, respect and knowledge, which enables our children to develop their attitudes to learning and to be the well-rounded children they need to be to flourish and to ensure that they are the best they can be in school and in society.

We believe passionately in a curriculum that meets the needs of our school community. Our curriculum blends skills, knowledge and values that we believe are right for our children. We aim for our children to leave our school as confident young people with a strong knowledge base, a range of life skills and to be ready for the next stages of their lives.


Our curriculum is built around reading, writing and Maths, every day, to ensure that all pupils acquire the basic skills for learning and life.

Literacy is used to compliment the teaching of other subjects but its basic aim is to raise pupil attainment in spoken language, reading, writing, grammar, punctuation and spelling. Language acquisition and development is one of the main focus areas. We are committed to creating a language rich environment in all areas of the curriculum. Mathematics is taught mainly as a discrete subject but where possible we celebrate Maths in other areas of the curriculum and show its real life application. Teachers skillfully plan these opportunities to ensure pupils understand these links across the curriculum.


Context is important for our children and we ensure that they understand how their learning fits into the bigger picture of their lives. Each small part of the journey is only complete when they leave us in year 6. We aim to inspire our children and ensure that they are ambitious and feel they can do anything. This is supported by a broad range of opportunities such as launches, whole school events, outdoor learning, PE, Sports competitions, Music and MFL. Children throughout their time at Merton bank have opportunities to take part in a number of creative and sporting extra-curricular clubs such as Football, Rugby, Boxing and Art as well as play competitive sport and take part in a wide variety of events celebrating the arts.

Our curriculum is bespoke for our school community. During the year we give our children many opportunities to experience learning outside of the classroom with  curriculum launches, school trips, school visitors or a special in class learning day. This enables the teachers to engage and inspire the children and then plan the curriculum around the experiences they have. Continuity and progression is vital to our curriculum and we ensure that learning builds on the knowledge and skills acquired in previous year groups.