Remote Learning

Learning at Home

Due to these uncertain times we have put together a plan for our pupils to complete their learning at home should they have to self-isolate from school. You will have already received texts and information about our learning platforms and hopefully you have managed to log onto your child’s account on Tapestry (EYFS and KS1)  or Microsoft Teams (all) If you are still having problems accessing your child’s account on either of these platforms then please contact the school office as soon as possible.

Parentapps Connect

Our free communication app allows us to provide parents with instant access to our important messages and up to date school information.

Please contact the school office if you have not received your personal invite.

Supporting the Children in School

This information will outline how Tapestry and Teams will be used should your child/children have to learn from home. Please remember home-schooling is very different to school.  It is much better to do things little and often.  Your child’s class teacher will create a timetable for you, but remember you can adapt this to suit the needs of your child.

  1. Create a safe space for learning with all the equipment they will need.
  2. Have a consistent routine in place, including start and end times for the day, lunch and break times.
  3. Split work up into manageable chunks.
  4. Take regular rest breaks and drink plenty of water.
  5. Limit screen time and try to be active.
  6. Make it fun, trying to incorporate your child’s interests as much as possible.

At the beginning of each week your child will meet with their class teacher and classmates via Microsoft Teams for a short conversation about how they are all doing and it will give their class teacher chance to outline the expectations of work for the week. You will receive an invitation via Teams telling you the time of the meeting. These will be staggered for each year group as there may be siblings trying to share devices at home. At the end of the week, your child will again meet with their class teacher via Microsoft Teams to check in with your child and give your child the opportunity to share and summarise the work they have completed during the week.

Each week your child’s class teacher will upload a timetable onto Tapestry (EYFS/KS1) and Teams showing you the activities to be completed for the day and the week. There will also be links to the resources that you will need and guidance on how to submit the work. In EYFS and KS1 all tasks must be completed and evidence (photographs of activities) uploaded onto your child’s Tapestry account. In KS2 all tasks must be completed through the assignments tab or evidence (photographs of work) uploaded onto your child’s assignment tab. In the event that this is not possible then work must be completed on paper and handed in to school when your child returns.

If you have any problems during this time then please do not hesitate to contact school or your class teacher through the online learning platforms Tapestry (EYFS and KS1) or Microsoft Teams (all). Teachers will respond to messages between the hours of 8.45 and 4pm. Please note that if the teacher is still teaching in school, they will respond after 3.30pm.

Additional Resources

Here are also some additional resources that may help you in supporting your child at home with their learning:

Online practice, revision and guidance to support your child’s learning:

Please ensure your check the school twitter account and your child’s home learning platforms for any additional information or advice.

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Merton Bank Primary, School Roper Street, St. Helens, Merseyside, WA9 1EJ

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