Merton Bank Primary School

'Never less than our best'

School Roper Street, St. Helens, Merseyside, WA9 1EJ



At Merton Bank Primary School, we understand that having an extensive and informative science curriculum ensures that our children are provided with the information to start to understand the world around them.

We ensure that science lessons are as engaging and as practical as possible so that our children can be independent learners. We want our children to work scientifically, to ask their own questions and draw their own conclusions through investigation and exploration.

An enthusiasm for science begins in the early years where children learn about the world around them through carefully constructed play and exploration. This enjoyment of learning is then nurtured throughout the school and children learn how to think critically, organise, categorise, ask questions to further their understanding, perform increasingly complex investigations and develop their scientific knowledge.

We believe that by providing a high-quality science education for our children, we are providing them with the skills and knowledge that will help our children in whichever career they should wish to persue.

Subject Leader – Mrs I Milburn