Year 6

Our Year 6 Team 

Teachers- Mrs Weatherby and Mrs Brussels 

Teaching Assistant- Miss Westhorpe 

Holocaust Memorial Day 2019.

Year 6 attended a service to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day at the town hall.

The children listened to speeches from Rev. Kevin Duffy, Jonathon McKee (Anne Frank Trust) and the Mayor of St. Helens, Pat Ireland. The speeches highlighted the importance of St. Helens being a safe haven for those who have been torn from home.

The children also listened to two very moving songs from the Cowley choir, poems from Mill Green School and watched an emotive dance piece. 

Our head boy, Max, lit a candle of remembrance alongside other pupils and the Mayor. 

To find out more about Holocaust Memorial Day, watch the video below.

Reading for Pleasure in Year 6.

We have each created our own bookshelf to show the range of different texts we have been reading.

Who will fill their bookshelf first? 

Our Visit to Liverpool World Museum To see
The Terracotta Warriors

(above) Year 6 at the start of the exhibition.

Our Christmas Production of Bah Humbug.

Year 6 worked very hard to produce their own performance based on 'A Christmas Carol' by Charles Dickens. 





National Number Day 2019. 

We were rock stars for the day!

To celebrate National Number Day, everyone dressed as rock stars, played TT rock stars and explored the importance of maths in many, many different jobs!


Year 6 had a fantastic time watching Peter Pan at The Theatre Royal, St Helens.

Making and Testing Cuboids.

Year 6 created and tested cuboids after being given a volume. The children had to work out the dimensions of the cuboid, form a net, construct the cuboid and test the volume was correct. They used base 10 to do this.