Year 5

Our Year 5 Team 

Teacher- Miss Heaton

Teaching Assistants- Mrs Lowe and Miss Lowe

English/Guided Reading 

This term we will be exploring our new topic 'Why should the rain forest be important?' throughout English we will be exploring two different books along side each other to delve right into the jungle experience. These are The Explorer by Katherine Rundell and The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry.

Year 5 will be writing their own non-chronological reports based on an animal that lives within the rain forest, exploring how to survive like the children in The Explorer by writing step by step instructions (with help from the mighty Bear Grylls and his survival skills) and finally, writing a persuasive letter to a logging company that is chopping all of the magnificent trees in the rain forest down in the hope that we can persuade them to think about their actions.

In our English and Topic, issues such as deforestation and animals becoming extinct will be discussed, allowing plenty opportunities for some SMSC discussion where Y5 will be exploring social, moral, spiritual and cultural issues.

In order to kick start the fabulous new topic we read The Great Kapok Tree and become the characters from the book with a bit of hot seating! The children imagined they were the animals and we asked questions about their life in the rain forest, other animals they live with and what would they do and how would they feel if their Great Kapok Tree was cut down with an axe!





 During our Science fortnight we have been exploring the life cycles of different living things. We have explored reproducing plants, mammals, birds, amphibians and insects.

We were particularly interested in insect
s as they can have either an incomplete or complete metamorphosis cycle. If they have complete then they go through different stages of a life cycle, not looking like the adult into the final stage. Incomplete results in the insects looking like a smaller version of the adult from birth until it grows to its full size. Fascinating!


To bring our topic to a close we researched different animal life cycles in groups. We had a fox, panther, rhino and walrus. After we collected our information we presented it to the rest of the class in the hope to win best presentation and best poster design!

Trees for Learning

 Y5 were lucky enough to be chosen to take part in 'Trees for Learning' with the Mersey Forest Team. Dressed for the occasion in waterproofs, wellies and warm clothes we ventured out into the school grounds and planted different plants along the front of the fence.
We discussed the different reasons for wanting to plant the trees and came up with some ideas;

  • Habitats for wildlife (a link to our recent science topic)
  • To help reduce carbon from the air (a link to our rainforest topic and deforestation)
  • Privacy when out on the school grounds
  • Sharp/spiky plants to prevent intruders
  • Shelter
  • They look attractive/add to the scenery

We were taught how to properly dig and plant the different trees/plants and how to clean our boots and shovels once we were finished.
A massive thank you to the Mersey Forest Team, from Y5!

Skills Club


Year 5's skills club takes place on a Thursday after school until 4:15pm. Each week we work on different skills that we have explored that week, from 4 operations in Maths, improving our sentences and exploring exciting vocabulary in English and hopefully this term a few practical Science investigations!

Below are a few pictures from a recent skills club where we had a maths treasture hunt around the school (click to explore)
Each clue led to a 4 operations question (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division)
Each question required an answer
The correct answer gained each team a point

Although this hunt was not about the fastest team first, we had some very competitive Y5s battling to get from one clue to the next.

If you're interested in the next skills club, keep an eye out for a special invitation letter next term :)  

Time Table Rock Stars Themed Number day - Friday 1st February 2019

On Friday 1st February, for world number day, Merton Bank had a TT Rock Stars themed number day. The children had to dress up as rock star in order to support the fantastic day.
From start to finish Y5 had a fantastic day all linked to maths.

  • First, was assembly were we handed out the usual certificates but finished with a TT Rock Stars competition between the children on the big screen.
  • Then, back in class we discussed maths in jobs, real world experiences and every day life and created small snapshots of how we use it everyday.
  • Then, it was time for our computer slot where we got to spend a full 40 minutes on TT Rock Stars. 
    We've got some serious competition in Y5 (watch out Y6) 
  • Next, we did PE. In PE we have been creating a dance routine so we discussed how we need to count the beats, be in rhythm and know timings to pull off the perfect performance.
  • Finally, it was only right that we finished our day by having lots of photos and selfies to show off our fabulous outfits! 

We hope you enjoy looking through our best Rock Star poses as much as we enjoyed doing them!