Welcome to our Year 3 page!

Year 3 Team 

Class Teacher- Miss Brussels 

Teaching Assistant- Mrs Thomson 

Our termly overview 

Our termly homework

Tidy up Rhumba, Arriba! 

To help us look after our classroom and make sure we do our classroom jobs, we have a tidy up Rhumba song! The children have enjoyed singing along as they tidy! 

Our Greek assembly OPA!

Our class assembly was based all about the amazing Ancient Greeks. We created our own script dance and even learnt a song! We then created our own costumes and prompts. We had a great time rehearsing and an even better time performing to all of our parents. We're future Oscar winners!  

Greek Salads 

As part of our Greek topic , we made our own Greek salads. We made an ingredients list and a set of instructions. We then made own own yummy Greek salads, we had to use the knives carefully to chop our lettuce and tomatoes and cucumber. We even squirted lemon juice to add extra flavour. We all thought they were really tasty... but our room smelt like feta cheese and lemons for days! 

Martin Mere 

We went to Martin Mere as part of our plants and habitats topic in Science. We got to do lots of exciting activities to develop our scientific knowledge. We went pond dipping and identified different creatures and habitats which are found in a pond. We had to be very careful using the nets so we didn't scare any of the creatures! We then went on a mini beast hunt in the woods. We searched under logs, behind trees and under rocks. We then classified the different insects before returning them to their homes. In the afternoon, we explored the different parts of Martin Mere, we enjoyed looking at the different birds and hearing the different noises they make! A trip isn't complete without a visit to the play area... We had a great time exploring the play area. We enjoyed our trip so much that some of us even fell asleep on the way home! 


This term in music we are learning how to play the glockenspiel. We have been focusing on learning the note names, developing rhythm and playing as a class orchestra. At the end of the topic we hope to perform as a class to a song called 'March of the golden guards'. Even Sam, our attendance reward, was caught practicing, he needs to work on his C, D and E notes! 

Young carers day

On Thursday 26th January it was young carers awareness day and throughout school we competed lots of activities to support our young carers. Our young carers champions set each class a challenge to raise money for our local young carers trust. Each class had to fill a jar full of money... and we filled ours to the top! We worked together to raise as much money as possible and counted it together showing super resilience with lots of money piles around our room, it really tested our counting skills! We even did an estimation station all about it. We then completed tasks all about what we wanted to be when we are older. We had lots of fantastic aspirations such as; doctors, vets, footballers, singers, nurses, teachers and engineers! What great futures we will all have! 

Watch out Andy Murray! 

This week we had super tricky PE challenges to help us develop our passing and receiving skills. First we had to bounce a ball on our rackets on and over benches, run in and around cones and even climb through hula-hoops, all without dropping our tennis ball! We then worked with a partner to compete in a tennis rally, move over Andy Murray Year 3 are coming for your number 1 tennis ranking! 

Fractions, fractions and more fractions! 

In maths we have been looking at fractions, we have worked really hard to develop our knowledge and reasoning and we've been practicing using fractions whenever and wherever we can! We've been counting in fractions lining up, doing our numicon attendance register and even given our spelling scores as fractions! All of these activities have really helped us in our daily maths lessons. So far we have ordered and compared fractions, found equivalent fractions and even added and subtracted them! Next week we're finding fractions of amounts and beginning to look at decimals, it sounds tricky, but we're up for the challenge! 

Balloon fun in PE 

We have started our new net/wall topic in PE and to introduce balance, co-ordination and control of a ball we had to control a balloon! We all found it really tricky as the balloons where going everywhere! But it was lots of fun and we shown great resilience and by the end of the session we were demonstrating great control of our balloons.


We are editing detectives! 

We received a mystery parcel this week, we opened it and inside was everything we need to be an editing detective! Each week one of us will take on the role working to help solve the mysteries of our work! A famous case cracked this week was the case of the missing capital letters! We think this will really help us achieve our editing targets. 

Marks, get set... go!

In maths this week we have looked at telling the time to the nearest minute. To help us we did a maths lesson all about challenges in 30 and 60 seconds. We had to jump, skip and run and time our partner. It was super tiring but we feel more confident with time now.

Year 3 does the Mannequin challenge... Pompeii style! 

As part of our 'What makes the Earth angry?' topic we have been learning about the famous eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79AD,. We have really enjoyed learning about the deadly destruction it caused and the ash town left frozen in time. We also love doing mannequin challenges, so we decided to combine both! We worked together to create scenes from the famous eruption, the first video shows a happy scene of Pompeii before the deadly, disastrous eruption. The second video shows us frozen in ash, just like the town of Pompeii.

Before the famous eruption of Mount Vesuvius

After the eruption! We're frozen in time!


Over the last few weeks we have created our own volcanoes! We used recycled materials such as plastic bottles, newspaper and cardboard to create the structure. Then we used Paper-Mache to construct it, it took many days to dry but finally they were! So finally we painted them and added detail using tissue paper! It was very messy and very fun! 

Advent Wreath 

We worked very hard to create our own Advent wreaths display outside of our classroom. We learnt about each candle and what it represents in advent.  We think they look like the real thing! 

Visit to Central library 

We visited Central Library and investigated lots of different information books and got to explore the children's section which is full of all kinds of books. We even took our perfect pupil reward Max with us who enjoyed reading books about dogs! We all behaved wonderfully and were really excited by the new books in the library. We can't wait to visit again! 

Snow Dragon artwork 

We have been looking at the book 'The Snow dragon' in our writing. We liked the book so much we decided to create our own class snow dragon. We used lots of different materials and resources and worked together as a class to complete. We then completed poetry describing him using alliteration, similes and onomatopoeia. Come and have a look at our finished dragon in our Key Stage 1 hall. 

Rocks and soils

This week we have looked closely at different types of rocks. We looked at the rock cycle and discussed whether the rocks in class were igneous, metamorphic or sedimentary. We talked about where we find rocks and are looking forward to investigating rocks over the half term. We are even going to  make chocolate rocks, yummy! 

Hola from Year 3! 

We have been working hard to learn Spanish greetings this term. We know how to have a conversation and have looked at numbers to 10 so far. We have really enjoyed learning Spanish songs and here's a song we made ourselves!  Try and practice your Spanish at home, muchos gracias! :) 

We are archaeologists!

As part of our topic 'Who first came to Britain?' we completed our own archaeology digs. We took the role very seriously using the correct tools and techniques. We even used out experiences to write an explanation text for other children to be archaeologists. Come into class and have a look! 

Maths Museum 

To achieve our Year 3 place value targets we have to be really confident working with 3 digit numbers. To help us become Year 3 math magicians, we completed our own maths museum. We worked as a group and used lots of equipment from our enable table to present our work to other groups. We have even completed maths mastery challenges to show of our new place value skills. We're quickly becoming a class of maths magicians!