Year 3B

Our Year 3B Team 

Teacher- Miss Brussels 

Teaching Assistant- Mrs Thomson 

Sky try event at Saints 

We were invited to attend a rugby training session at Langtree park stadium. We competed in many different training activities developing our catching and throwing skills. We then went on a tour of the ground and even got to go in the teams changing rooms! We had a fantastic day and can't wait for our follow up rugby sessions. 

We are published authors!Image result for pobble

We have joined the website Pobble to become online authors. We have been busy publishing our writing work, leaving comments and searching for pieces of writing to help us with our own writing. We like Pobble so much we even did an in class session! We went around our room leaving comments on each others work, we then improved our work using the feedback. Check it out and see if you're Pobble famous! 

Dinosaur fossil biscuits 

To mark the end of our first topic in Year 3 we created dinosaur biscuits. We created a set of instructions and followed them carefully. We used dinosaurs to leave fossil imprints! They tasted scrumptious delicious! 

Magic maths! 

Image result for magic maths

We have worked hard this term to secure our 3 digit number knowledge. We have partitioned and regrouped numbers in different ways, found 10 more and 10 less and estimated numbers on a number line. We have also adding and subtracted 3 digit numbers using our expanded addition method. We used base 10 to help us understand what happens when we exchange our ones and tens.

We are all maths magicians!