Year 1

Our Year 1 Team

Teacher- Miss Pilkington

Teaching assistants- Miss Cookson and Miss Lowe

European Languages Day

We had lots of fun learning some words and phrases in Italian to celebrate European Languages Day. We also got to make pizzas.

Our Meerkat Went Missing!

Something shocking happened in our class last week... Sunny, our meerkat, went missing! We looked for clues in the text and worked out that the jackal must have taken him! It's ok though, the jackal only wanted a friend, so we gave him some advice on how to make friends. Here are some pictures of what we got up to.

Maths in Autumn 1

In maths over the last 2 weeks we have been focusing on number and place value. We have investigated different ways of making numbers with Numicon, tens squares, bead strings and other objects. We have also been practising forming our numbers correctly.


Mad About Meerkats!

Our first challenge skills topic is 'Why can't a meerkat live in the North Pole?' so we have had lots of fun learning about the Kalahari Desert and the habitat of a meerkat. We've especially enjoyed making meerkat collages independently in our creative area. Here are a few of our pictures.