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Mrs Sumpton- Class Teacher & Early Years Leader 

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Miss Collins-Teaching Assistant

Weekly Reception Newsletter

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Curriculum overview 

Spring Term

The Children have been reading the story Oliver's Vegetables and decided they would like to grow some vegetables in the Reception garden.  As a class we visited our local garden centre Suregrow on Merton Bank road.  The children had created shopping lists in school and searched the garden centre to find their items. 

On our visit to the garden centre the children bought sunflower seeds, they were very eager to plant their seeds and watch the changes over the next few weeks.  The children planted their seeds in their key worker groups and talked about what their seed would need in order to grow.

Get Creative


Thank you to all the parents who signed up for the 'Get creative' course.


This week you explored colour and shape and got very messy with the different activities.  The children had lots of fun taking part in the activities with you :-)

Next week you will be learning how to make 'clean mud'

See you on Wednesday 18th January.  

'Booktime' Reading Workshop-Wednesday 12th October 2016

Thank you to all the parents who attended the workshop on Wednesday, please find below the resources and videos used in the workshop.  If you have any further questions please ask a member of Foundation Stage staff. 


The winner of the Extreme Reading competition will be announced in celebration assembly on Friday 14th October.  Thank you for all entries :-) 

Parent Meeting -Wednesday 28th September 2016

Please find below information given to all parents and carers at the meeting in order to support your child with their individual reading book at home. HAPPY READING!

Thank you to all the parents that attended the meeting :-) 

Early Years Workshops 2016-2017

Please see timetable below which details the dates, times and workshop titles on offer this academic year.

The next workshop is 'Booktime' we will be talking about 'Merton Bank Lending Library' and how to support your child with reading at home.  

This workshop is for all Nursery and Reception parents and carers. We look forward to welcoming you!

What to expect, when?

The purpose of this booklet is to help  you as a parent/carer find out more about how your child is learning during their first five years, in relation to the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Characteristics of Effective Learning...

Alongside the areas of development mentioned below there are also the Characteristics of Effective Learning which describe how your child learns best.

The 3 Characteristics of Effective Learning are:

  1. Playing and Exploring - Engagement - Finding out and exploring, playing with what they know and being willing to ‘have a go’.
  2. Active Learning - Motivation - Being involved and concentrating, keep trying, enjoying achieving what they set out to do.
  3. Creating and Thinking Critically - Thinking - Having their own ideas, making links, choosing ways to do things.

Practitioners will refer to these areas of learning and characteristics when planning and preparing activities and also when assessing and observing your child. 

Parents Guide to the Early Years Foundation Stage...